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Section 1

Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill each blank.

a) are
b) is
c) am
d) be

a) -
b) her
c) she
d) Anna

a) living
b) live
c) lives
d) is live

a) works Tom
b) Tom works
c) Tom does work
d) does Tom work

a) no like
b) not like
c) like don’t
d) don’t like

a) Did you ever go
b) Do you ever go
c) Have you ever been
d) Are you ever going

a) the most big
b) the bigger
c) the biggest
d) the more big

a) who
b) what
c) which
d) whose

a) I never a magazine buy
b) I never buy a magazine
c) I buy never a magazine
d) Never I buy a magazine

a) am
b) go to
c) going to
d) am going to

a) have
b) had
c) would have
d) was having

a) Would you like
b) Would you like to
c) Do you like
d) Do you like to

Section 2

a) on
b) in
c) at
d) by

a) am
b) have
c) have got
d) -

a) am
b) do
c) have
d) got

a) carry
b) wear
c) use
d) hold

a) idea
b) opinion
c) answer
d) time

a) ticket
b) receipt
c) invoice
d) bill

a) items
b) pairs
c) sets
d) times

a) tanned
b) sunned
c) coloured
d) darkened

Section 3

a) to speak
b) speaking
c) speak
d) speaks

a) for
b) about
c) in
d) to

a) wearing
b) to wearing
c) wear
d) is wearing

a) was driving
b) drove
c) had driven
d) has been driving

a) could you
b) can you
c) if you could
d) if could you

a) saw
b) had seen
c) have seen
d) would have seen

a) do you have cut
b) have you cut it
c) do you have cut it
d) do you have it cut

a) have worked
b) work
c) be working
d) to work

a) which
b) work
c) who
d) that

a) will you do
b) are you doing
c) will you have done
d) do you do

a) little
b) a little
c) few
d) a few

a) is arrested
b) arrested
c) has been arrested
d) is being arrested

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